#PRISOM is designed to make players ponder the increasing global adoption of PRISM-like surveillance technology. Every one of the “#WhatDoYouDo” scenarios that you’ll encounter when playing the game stem from real-life scenarios, including the ongoing unconstitutional treatment and [in some cases] incarceration of those keen to expose the nature of heavily surveilled and overtly monitored societies [think: Glenn Greenwald, David Miranda, Laura Poitras, Barrett Brown, Jeremy Hammond, WikiLeaks and the Occupy Movement, Edward Snowden, LavaBit's Owner Ladar Levison, Chelsea Manning, and a multitude of others].

And now you’ve gone and done it. You’ve not only shown interest in #PRISOM - an openly anti-surveillance oriented game - you’re now about to access information concerning legal tools that will assist you in navigating state-sanctioned privacy invasions and civil liberty encroachment. Ah well: in for a penny, in for a pound as they say...


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#Tools and Helpful Organisations

Ad-hoc wireless mesh networking for the zombie apocalypse
The Free Network Foundation
Stop The Cyborgs
TOR [be mindful of this]
Transparency Project
Just Delete Me


#PRISOM Evolution Poster


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Whom To Detain Next